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We offer Car rental Malaga WITHOUT "HASSLE"...:)

We are proud of being able to offer you CAR RENTALS MALAGA AIRPORT without "the hassle" - When booking your car hire in Malaga with bMet carhire, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Car rental Malaga NO EXCESS
  • Car hire Malaga NO DEPOSIT
  • Renting a car Malaga with QUICK DELIVERY - staff will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall
  • Car hire Malaga with NO FUEL CHARGES
With car hire Malaga all inclusive prices "without the hassle" we refer to the many add ons, insurances and waiver, fuelcharges and other hidden costs most car rental companies in Malaga will charge you on arrival without clearly informing about those costs that will drastically increase the TOTAL COST for you cheap car hire in Malaga beforehand.

Car hire Malaga - Cheap car rental Malaga all inclusive

The three CAR RENTAL MALAGA OFFERS displayed above are in fact our regular lowseason rates for car rental at Malaga airport and valid until 31/05 2015.


Thanks to our many regular clients we are often fully booked especially for car rental Malaga in peak seasons.


In order to secure a suitable car rental Malaga for your next trip we advise you not to leave it to the last minute but to book your car rental in Malaga well in advance - we DO NOT offer free upgrades in case we are fully booked for the requested group and dates.



Car rental Malaga all inclusive - Car rental Malaga No fuel charges


bMetCarhire offer you what we think is the currently best deal on CAR RENTAL MALAGA ALL INCLUSIVE.


...with no fuel charges for at full tank of fuel to be paid on arrival...

All our rates for Car rental Malaga airport include everything - there is NO EXCESS and NO DEPOSIT to pay on arrival...

Be aware that many companies offering CAR RENTALS MALAGA ALL INCLUSIVE ask for som e sort of credit card "DEPOSIT" as an excuse for selling you additional insurances to a high price.

When comparing rates you will find that our rates possibly are the cheapest car rentals in Malaga today.





All Car rental Rates include:


  • Car rental Malaga INCLUDING Collition Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Car rental Malaga INCLUDING Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
  • Car hire Malaga INCLUDING Theft Protection (TP)
  • Car hire Malaga with NO EXCESS (You pay nothing in case of damages or accident)
  • Car hire Malaga with NO Credit card deposit
  • Car hire Malaga with meet and greet service (staff will be waiting inside the arrivals hall)
  • Car rentals Malaga airport with FREE Extra Drivers
  • Car rentals Malaga airport with FREE child seats
  • Car rentals Malaga airport with FREE mileage
  • Car hire Malaga airport INCLUDING FREE medical assitence in case of injury
  • VAT


Further ADVANTAGES with our all inclusive car rental Malaga


  • 1/2 - 1/2 fuel policy (there will be no fuel charges on arrival)
  • The Contract will be READY for signing on arrival
  • You avoid long qeues
  • You avoid Courtesy bus shuttle to off-site offices
  • Payment per credit card is made on arrival






...with everything included in the same price - please compare our genuine car hire malaga rates thoroughly before choosing your next car rental in Malaga good deal.


All our rates shown for CAR HIRE MALAGA are ALL inclusive and include absolutely everything mentioned on this page...


PLEASE READ this page which resumes our policies regarding fuel, all inclusive car hire rates and meet and greet service issues.





Meet and greet car hire Malaga means that YOU WILL BE MET at Malaga airport, which is where we got our name from...:-)

The meet and greet car hire Malaga also known as car rental with personal delivery Malaga is INCLUDED IN ALL RATES.


This means that our staff will be waiting for you and greet you in person on arrival - we will be waitng for you INSIDE THE ARRIVALS HALL...:)


This meet and greet arrangement with personal delivery ALSO applies to late arrival and arrival outside opening hours (22:00 - 08:00).




Car hire Malaga full full fuel arrangement - Car hire Malaga NO FUEL CHARGES


Car hire malaga full full fuel policy and car rental Malaga NO FUEL CHARGES means that UNLIKE with most companies you will NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR A FULL TANK OF FUEL ON ARRIVAL.


Our fuel arrangement is based on a half out /half in principle meaning that you receive the car with half a tank of fuel and return it with the same amount.


With this system you avoid having to pay for fuel and with that loose some 40-50€ if not more depending the company.


We find this fair and friendly toward our customers who unlike when renting a car with other car rental companies in Malaga, avoid having to pre pay for a full tank of fuel on arrival which means a high additional cost to the overall price.


This half/half system gives our clients the oportunity to be able to drive to even the most remote regions within Costa del Sol without having to refill.

Charging for a full tank of fuel on arrival is just another trick that many car rental Malaga companies apply in order to make extra money on their clients expense.


Charging you about 30€ MORE for the fuel + the 15-20 liter you are forced to leave in the tank meaning that THE TOTAL COST WILL BE INCLEASED WITHAPPROXIMATELY 50€.

Not very nice at all but unfortunately does many not realize this before it is too late.

We would also like to point out that companies operating in this way towards their clients, will most likely NOT be friendly or easy to deal with, when it comes to anything having to do with damages and charges in general, or, the refunding of any charged amount.


...Our concept is: 1-ALL-INCLUSIVE-PRICE - no  excess and no extra charges (including fuel)...


Car hire Malaga fully comprehensive



The car hire rates offered are all fully comprehensive car hire Malaga without excess and without additional costs.

Car hire Malaga Airport arrivals hall delivery

Land-bMet-Drive Literally means getting your car delivered the quickest possible way after your arrival at Malaga Airport!

Our friendly staff WAIT FOR YOU INSIDE THE ARRIVALS HALL AT MALAGA AIRPORT, and will lead you directly out to a clean and serviced car.

It could not be easier and quicker (but so says most companies on their advertising).

Car rental Malaga cars on-site

We offer car rental malaga with the cars are on-site and  ready to be delivered when you arrive.

You will be able to drive off towards your holiday destination short after the arrival.

Quick and easy and with everything is included in 1 QUOTED PRICE!

Car rentals Malaga Airport no queues

As part part of our concept we offer Car rentals malaga airport NO QUEUES with personal delivery at Malaga airport cover all areas of the Costa del sol.

Car hire malaga airport no excess

Please be advised that many internet offers are quite misleading in the sense that car hire Malaga no excess is advertised.

However there is STILL some sort of "deposit" to be paid on arrival which is just another way of charging an excess.

On the contrary, bMetcarhire offer customer friendly car rental Malaga Airport NO EXCESS and we do not sell this and that when you arrive...

This is what we promise...and these are the promises we keep!

Thank you for visiting..we hope to see you at Malaga Airport ...:-)

Car hire Malaga - No Excess

♦ Fair fuel policy
♦ Best insurance
♦ No Deposits
♦ Pay on arrival
♦ Contract ready
♦ ..we´re friendly :)

Advantages - Meet & Greet car hire Malaga

♦ Get 5 star service
♦ Fully Inclusive rates
♦ Be Met at the Airport
♦ Be properly insured
♦ Get personal delivery
Avoid long queues