Car Hire Gibralfaro

Car Hire Gibralfaro

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Malaga’s most famous landmark EL CASTILLO DE GIBRALFARO (the Gibralfaro Castle) sits on top of a mountain and offers panoramic views of the city and the Alboran Sea, stretching all the way to Africa. This Castle, built in the 14th. The name has a meaning of "rock of light" that signified a previous lighthouse constructed by Phoenicians of this spot. Gibralfaro Castle is a Malaga icon and appears on the town and province’s flag and seal. Century to house troops and protect the Alcazaba, is today one of the most visited monuments in Málaga.

The GIBRAFARO fortress that was built in 1300's to further safeguard the gentry of the Granada kingdom, who could get up higher from the Alcazaba castle in case of attack. The 10th-century monument with sturdy 14th- century fortifications is usually perched above the Moorish fortress Alcazaba in the Montes del Malaga hill range. From its walls, visitors obtain spectacular sights of the city and you can visit the Interpretation Centre to discover the site's history.

It is almost 400 feet to the fort and the highest point in the city. At the best, you can look out over the historic wall space, Malaga’s port and the Mediterranean coastline. It was named after a lighthouse at its peak (Jabal-Faruk, the light mountain). The fortress is definitely very large, and offers a number of defense positions on different levels and vantage points to guard itself from attackers coming from all angles.

Reach the GIBRALFARO castle on foot by following the passageway from the Alcazaba, or catch a taxi or one of Malagas tourist or metro buses directly to the gate. Although it was used by the Phoenicians and Romans, in 1340 the Nasrid King Yusuf I made the place into a fortress. The crenulated walls are as thick as 3-5 ft. Another option is to hike all the method up. During the reconquest (i.e.the Reconquista) it was besieged by the Catholic Monarchs in the summer of 1487 and Ferdinand the Catholic produced it his temporary residence after the victory.