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The people of Malaga are proud of the fact that Picasso was born here and it was a big day when the King and Queen of Spain inaugurated the Museo Picasso (Picasso Museum) on the 27th October 2003. The Picasso Museum is devoted to the most influential artist of the twentieth century and meets the need of the designer that his work was present in the city where he was born in 1881. Within the Palacio de Buenavista, a 16th-century palace, is this museum showcasing the life and works of Malaga’s most celebrated musician.

On that first day alone almost 2,000 people visited the art gallery museo pablo picasso, which is usually housed in the Palacio para Buenavista. The two hundred and thirty functions that include MPM Collection brings together the revolutionary innovations of Picasso and the wide variety of styles and techniques that dominated materials. Located in the heart of the Old Town, Museo Picasso Malaga is definitely a monumental tribute to an exceptional local talent: Pablo Picasso.

You will find it right in the heart of the Historic Centre of the city, with the dramatic backdrop of the Alcazaba Fortress and Gibralfaro Castle close by. The  PABLO PICASSO MUSEUM Museum is usually located in the Buenavista Palace, a magnificent example of Andalusian architecture of the sixteenth hundred years. Browse the nearly 300 works by the world-famous painter and sculptor. Literally two minutes walking distance from Malaga Cathedral, this magnificent old building has been painstakingly restored to befit the importance of the works of the great artist. Their roots underground treasures of the ancient Phoenician and Roman city. See early 19th-century sketches of landscapes, cubist impressions and modern 20th-century portraits.

If you are looking for the Art gallery for the 1st time, remember that just a couple of minutes away, in the Plaza de la Merced, IS the Casa Natal (Birthplace of Picasso), which offers been open to the public since 1988.