Thai massage in Marbella center

Visit our recommended massage salon in Marbella, THAI MASSAGE MARBELLA, during your next holidays on the Costa del Sol. You will find them only about a 100 meters from our head office in Marbella centre, very near the Marbella Old town and 2 minutes walk from Marbella Port.

The staff at bMetCarhire all visit our nearby neigbours frequently and can only give our best recommendations and encourage you to drop by their neatly decorated massage parlour in Marbella centre.

It is advisable to book your massage in advance.

Types of thai massage marbella available at GOLDEN THAI:


All thai massages at golden thai are given by certified native Thai masseuses. The most commonly known massage is the traditional thai massage which is carried out without the use of oil.

In stead, a cutton cloth, usually with thai motives, is used to cover the receiver of the massage. The massagist pressurizes "through" the cloth which is used at all time during the session - this allows for the pressure to be very strong since the cloth as opposed to the use of oil, does not slip.

Marbella thai massage BENEFITS

Many benefits has been attributed to thai massage marbella.

Thai massage is known to have many benefits - you can read more about the BENEFITS OF THAI MASSAGE HERE.

One of the biggest benefits of Thai massage Marbella is that it offers almost immediate pain relief to people struggling with chronic pain. There are many studies that indicate the application of the massage led to as much as 80 percent reduction in pain for up to 15 weeks after the session.

In particular, Thai massage Marbella has been effective at treating people suffering from scapulocostal syndrome, which is a terrible condition that hits the shoulder blade.

Participants in a 2012 study sponsored by the Journal of Bodywork and Movement reported substantial reduction in pain intensity and muscle tension for those having received.