Land-bMet-Drive - Contract ready for signing on arrival

We really appreciate the trust our clients put in our hands and we respect their valuable holiday time in Malaga.

That's why as part of our all inclusive car hire services, you can expect the car rental contract to be ready for signing on your arrival providing that you have supplied us with all necessary information in advance.

Land-bMet-Drive Also means avoiding all sort of hassle

Booking you car in Malaga with us means that you will avoid all sorts of hassle on arrival such as selling of extras, selling of additional insurances, "diesel" surcharges, and unreasonable high charges for fuel and airport delivery.

Land-bMet-Drive - We wait for You – not You for us

Our friendly staff will be waiting for you right inside the arrivals hall holding a signboard with your name on it and will take you to the rentalcar..

Land-bMet-Drive - Avoid unnecessary time waist

This means that you avoid getting the key and contract stuck in your hand, now having to waiste further time FINDING THE CAR on the large Malaga Airport car hire area, which, according to what our clients has told us, can take another 1/2 hour.

Booking a car with bMetCarhire Malaga, the car hire vehicle will be delivered to You personally, within minutes.

This is your guarantee to a good and hasslefree start of your holiday, and a good experience when renting your car in Malaga.




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