From the beginning The RENAULT CLIO has been a important model for the brand RENAULT, when it started its status as an important maker of cars.

On the outside the RENAULT CLIO stands out, with its distinctive front party. Seen from the side, the RENAULT CLIO's hidden rear hatch back door will give us the impression of a sort of three-door look - however this is the first time RENAULT CLIO comes in a five-door only version.

The cabin is of modern look also compared to the latest competition of other brands.The RENAULT CLIO's offers a large engine rang. It starts with the RENAULT CLIO's 75bhp 1.2 litre petrol engine. There is also a 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine available with the same level og HP.

The RENAULT CLIO is definitely a stylish alternative to many of its rivals in the smaller cars on the market.

Boots space and comfort

RENAULT CLIO has been modified with a lowered suspension making the RENAULT CLIO 45mm lower - also a longer wheelbase has been adapted to the latest version of RENAULT CLIO.

RENAULT CLIO Boots space and comfort

The boot space in RENAULT CLIO is the largest in its class amongst its nearest of key rivals with its 300 litres giving it a leading position ahead of the Ford Fiesta with 276 litre boot space and Peugeot 208 with its 285 litres boot space respectively. The rear-seats can be folded down flat which enhances the total RENAULT CLIO boot-space to 1.146 litres - add to this the option of the 60:40 rear seats split enabeling it for more flexibility, depending the amount of passengers and luggage.

The RENAULT CLIO however is somewhat lower in the rear of the cabin compared to Ford Fiesta because of a lower roofline. Also the smaller windows contributes to a narrower space for large or tall passengers.

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