Group C - Small to medium sized Car Malaga Airport - economic car rental Malaga airport

This car group is slightly larger than the group B and will give you some more luggage space. Also the engines of these cars a larger most of which are diesel cars making it a good choice for a cheap car hire Malaga - and hence it is a very popular car size to rent.

Although most of the cars in group C  are diesel driven we cannot  guarantee to deliver a diesel car. However you are most welcome to write a cooment about this when booking it online.

All cars are quipped with:

  • 5 doors
  • Aircondition
  • Stereo

Examples of our small to medium car rental Malaga:

Hyundai i20 car hire Malaga
VW Polo car rental Malaga
Seat Ibiza car hire Malaga airport
Peugeot 207 car rental Malaga airport
Ford Fiesta rent Malaga
Opel Corsa car Malaga

cheap car hire malaga - 5 door car rent malaga airport - ford fiesta - fiat ponto - hyundai i20

smal to medium car malaga - 5 door car rent malaga fiat punto ford fiesta vw polo or similar

The cars in group C has got somewhat more luggagespace than group B, and have larger engines.

It is a perfect car for 3 to 4 persons with luggage and is a good car to do some travveling in , although not as large as the next group.

Goup C is a good choice for a small family with 2 kids looking for an economic car rental in Malaga - but how confortable you will be is subject to the size luggage and the size of each suitcase.